Neisarg Dave

Ph.D. Candidate (ABD)

College of  Information Sciences and Technology

The Pennsylvania State University 

My Research

Keywords: Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Math Understanding in Neural Networks, Neuro-Symbolic AI, Explainable AI (XAI), Trustworthy AI,  Formal Methods

My research centers on investigating the disparity between the capacity to learn and the ability to express for neural network models such as RNNs and Transformers. Specifically, I concentrate on tasks rooted in Chomsky's Hierarchy, which provide a framework for employing formal methods to gauge the limits of learnability. Additionally, I explore the robustness of encoding and extracting rules as finite state machines from neural networks.

Recent Activities


College of Information Sciences and Technology

Pennsylvania State University

E345 Westgate Building, University Park, PA 16802

Email: nud83 [at] psu [dot] edu